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New Realisations RTT

Discovery Call

You’ve had a chance to read through the FAQ’s, looked at the resources linked to RTT® and are curious to find out more or if it’s right for you? Then, we can set up a 15 minute call on Zoom, you can grab a cup of coffee or tea and we’ll meet online to go through your questions or concerns. This part is absolutely FREE!


New Realisations RTT session

The Session

Each session lasts approximately 2 hours and also takes place over Zoom. That means you are in the comfort of your own home (or place you feel is most suitable), allowing you to feel even more relaxed and comfortable. It’s important that wherever it is that you decide to have your session, you won’t be interrupted and that you have a good, stable internet connection. I then guide you into hypnosis where you get to relax and be curious about uncovering the meaning and interpretation of past events and especially about discovering your New Realisations. The final 15-20 minutes of the session are dedicated to your personalized, bespoke recording that is tailored to the details discussed during your intake call and information gained during the session. (This .mp3 recording will be sent to you via email and is yours to keep forever.) I then bring you back to your full awareness and we very briefly talk about how the session was for you. Now it’s time to drink plenty of water, get some rest or go for a walk, taking time to reflect on what you have come to realise.

Post Session

This is where you are the key player. You will use your New Realisations and awareness combined with your dedication to your personal growth to implement the mindset changes that solidify the work done in the session. You commit to becoming radically responsible for your progress, which includes listening to your recording at least once a day for a minimum of 21 days (you’re welcome to listen more often or longer than that). Since the mind loves repetition, listening to the recording reinforces your new beliefs and thoughts which create lasting changes. Changes occur in multiple ways and each person experiences them in the way that is right for them. A person might notice changes instantly (this is always a favorite), experiencing a feeling of immediate relief or sudden shift in their perspective, emotions or thinking. Others may experience changes gradually, noticing shifts and progress each day or over time. Some people may not even notice these gradual changes right away. In those cases, the realisation often comes retroactively. Many times others will notice these types of changes first and comment on them. We will stay in contact throughout this important time (generally once a week) to talk about how things are going and at the end of the 21 days, we will connect again via Zoom to determine the next steps of your journey, i.e. what is best for you.