Hear what clients have to say about Kristen and the benefits of RTT®

"I got rid of deep guilt that has plagued me..."

Kristen is really gifted at this. And her warm, enthusiastic personality makes you want to bask in her beautiful presence. I had been hypnotised many times before, but her specific technique took me to new places. I uncovered a memory that shed completely different light on how I’ve been understanding a traumatic event from my childhood. That allowed me to understand the event and let it go. I did not see that coming. Looking into another traumatic event from my youth, she guided me to see a larger truth about the situation and to rewrite that story that I’ve been re-telling myself for decades. I got rid of deep guilt that has plagued me, and I came to see how much my youthful mistake had actually made my life so much better—for me and for everyone I know. Another triumph was a complete attitude shift about an upcoming event that was causing me dread. I was able to enjoy the joy at the event and the lead-up up to it. You can feel safe and fully supported with Kristen, one of my newly favorite people on the planet.

Bill, USA

"I was filled with clarity and peace like I have never known before."

My experience with Kristen was nothing less than phenomenal. Our session together brought up so many deeply

buried emotions and through her skill and caring, we freed them all. Afterwards, I was filled with clarity and peace like I have never known before. It felt like she gave me a huge leg-up on the path of my evolution, and intuitively knew just when to speak, when to encourage me, and when to give me room to reflect. I am hugely grateful for her empathy and grace. If you are seeking clarification in your life, I highly recommend booking a session with Kristen. I hope that you might find it as life-changing as I have.

B.W, New Zealand

"I have learned to believe in myself and these new affirmations."

Freedom!! Yes, that is what I have gained from working with Kristen.

For years I have been a prisoner of my mind, due to my anxiety, feeling claustrophobic, fear of heights, lack of trust to be who I really am. These strong feelings blocked me from developing deeper relationships and truly living life. Through my sessions with Kristen, my past and prior hurts revealed themselves. During the process, some memories I didn’t realize were part of what was holding me back came up and we cleared and released them so the negative emotion was no longer attached to these memories. Through our sessions, those past hurts and traumas could be seen and felt from a whole different perspective, from a place of empowerment. After our meetings, I listened to the hypnosis audios each day, which helped my subconscious mind reinforce these new empowering beliefs and then my life began to change…in the best way. I have had several breakthroughs. One small example with my fear of heights was being in a large venue for a sporting event in a seat high up. I had always felt like I would fall down to the ground level. After listening to the hypnosis audio related to this issue, in just a few weeks, I sent a picture to Kristen of me standing on a staircase near a seat high up in a venue and not having a panic attack or holding on to the railing with a “death grip”. This is just one example of many beliefs and behaviors that have improved for me through this process.

I have learned to believe in myself and these new affirmations. It is amazing. The process for me was so much more than “talk” therapy because this really changed me! I am taking back my life with this new freedom. Kristen has been so supportive through each step of the process. She creates a wonderful, confidential, safe space. She checks in with me after our sessions. If I have any questions or if something else comes up between sessions, I can contact her for another session to clear things. I highly recommend Kristen and this process for any issue you have. It is again amazing the freedom you will feel finally, life changing!!

Mary Pat, USA

"It truly was transformational for me..."

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) is a powerful modality and Kristen is a gifted practitioner. The amount of love, time, dedication and enthusiasm that Kristen put into my sessions was amazing. In our client intake session, I mentioned that I had already done a lot of inner child healing work and I didn’t expect much more to arise, but as we worked through the process, I realised that there was so much more that wanted to come to the light to be seen and transformed. It truly was transformational for me and I am so grateful to Kristen and to the program for helping me work through these issues so that I can become the best possible version of myself.

Mandy, Canada

"My confidence has increased"

Kristen’s work with RTT® is remarkable! In fact, it has been life-changing for me. Within several sessions, my anxious feelings and fears have been reduced dramatically, my confidence has increased, and my overall sense of well-being has been significantly enhanced. Kristen captured my concern areas and converted them into a customized treatment plan designed just for me. I highly recommend both Kristen and RTT®!

Joan, USA

"She has helped clarify and make sense of things"

Working with Kristen is a life changing experience.  She will lead you gently into your past where you will find tremendous and surprising connections to your present life experiences.  Each session uncovers remarkable finds which help make sense of your present worries, thoughts etc.  I have never had an experience like this.  Not only have I realized the impact of what I thought were simple life memories  that ended up being keys to what I am encountering today, but Kristen helps reframe them in such a way as to further work through these connections.  She then has meditations which address these issues in a positive way and provide immeasurable help.  I have tried meditating before but this was entirely different- with monumental positive effects. I have stayed with it since my first meeting with her and have seen changes in health and anxious feelings.  She has helped clarify and make sense of things  I have wondered about for years. She also taught me how to reframe situations to put them in a more positive and workable framework that lessen my fear and anxiety.  Kristen is meant to be doing this.  She is an absolute treasure.  You will not regret your sessions with her and will feel like a different person—the person  within that you were meant to be all along.

Jeanne, USA

"It literally changed my life for the better"

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had problems with self-worth and confidence, issues of trust and control, perfectionism and little patience, resulting in emotional reactivity and impeding personal relationships. Througout my adult life, I have attempted to improve and develop these aspects as well as gain control over and reduce unwanted behavior through self-reflection, reading books and various other sources of self-help. And it worked to an extent…yet it always felt like it just raised the threshold for the usual triggers to take effect rather than eradicating the problem. It was like everything worked well up to a certain level, when a voice inside then took over saying: ‘Okay! Cut the crap and finally do what you know is right!’ – even when in that very moment I was intellectually fully aware that it is NOT the right thing to do or say! I knew I really needed and wanted to change that. That’s when, through personal recommendation, I came across RTT®. At first I was sceptical, wondering how this could possibly work. Had it not been for the recommendation and that I felt I trusted Kristen before our session, I would very likely not have given it a try. But looking back now, I can truly and honestly say that it was the best thing I could ever have done and it literally changed my life for the better! I felt my first session took the edge off my reactivity, resulting in a more relaxed attitude and noticeably improving personal relationships. My second session was extremely intense, touching the core of my problems and the ensuing days were an emotional roller coaster. It felt like having shed an old, rusty suit of armour but I very rapidly felt able to reconfigure and grow beyond the limitations I had experienced before. I have now completed my fourth session and I feel like every time it gets easier and takes effect faster. With the insight I have gained, I really feel free from those ‘packages’ I’ve been carrying with me all my life and able to develop into the person I was truly meant to be. I would never have thought it was possible! Ever! And I am truly grateful having been given this opportunity!

Johannes, Germany

“I will be eternally grateful for the sessions that I had with Kristen. I had lost my anchor in life until I found RTT® with Kristen.”

Laura, UK